LPN - can they be a dialysis nurse??

  1. Hello all. Just curious. Can an LPN be a dialysis nurse or do you have to be an RN?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   CFrancine
    Yes they can.
  4. by   bugya90
    Depends on your state and facility policy. Where I live LVNs are use as Dialysis Techs, not nurses. The nurse has to be a RN.
  5. by   rhyde
    LPNs can be nurses in dialysis. I have been in the field for 33 years as an LPN. In some ways it has enabled me to go into areas I would not have been able to do as an RN. You can travel, do in-center hemodialysis, I have done home hemo, PD, have been a chief tech and now an educator. I have also worked in acute units in my home state and in other states. Depends the most on the licensing requirements and scope of practice in each state. I'd say go for it! You really use a lot of nursing skills in this job, it is fast paced and every day is different even though you see the patients over and over again.
  6. by   Tanya167
    Thank you rhyde --

    I'm still in school finishing the program. I am in my 40's so I don't know if I would continue to RN. I see what my neighbor went through. Young person and had to get a kidney transplant.... So I was curious that maybe I would want to lean that way. All that you said you have done I am actually interested in.

    Thank you.