ICD 9 codes for dialysis?

  1. As a traveling hemodialysis nurse, I am often in need of ICD9 codes. Frequently, I'm the only nurse in the facilities I work and there's no one to ask where things are.
    Does anyone know where I can get a list of ICD9 codes for the following?

    Clotted access, permcath
    Use of Activase
    Permcath infection
    Permcath exit site infection
    Blood sepsis
    Clotted graft
    Clotted fistula
    Anemia mgmt w/ Epo
    Bone mgmt w/ Zemplar & Hectorol
    Anemia mgmt w/ Ferrlecit & Venofer
    Anticoagulation w/ Heparin

    I've searched general ICD 9 code sites and can't find what I need.
    Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   miracle1986
    Go to halfoff.com and type in ICD-9-CM
    you will get a book of all needed codes for a great price !
  4. by   penem10
    This link will get you a big list of books available for ICD 9 codes.


    Have a great day
    Robin A. Clark, RN, CDN
  5. by   dialec
    Clotted access996.1Mechan.Complica.Oth.Vascular Dev.,Implt,&Gft
    Cathflo ActivaseAlteplase996.1
    Infection, From Central Venous Cath.999.31Infection due to central venous catheter
    Blood Cultures (or blood sepsis)041.9Bacterial infection, Unspecified
    Anemia 285.21
    zemplar 588.81
    venofer 280.9
    heparin E934.2

    i can find hypokalemia if you like. I am the charge nurse of a dialysis unit in boston and made a spread sheet of many other icd-9 codes. these are some that i can remember of the top of my head. if you would like a copy of this sheet or need anything else, i would be happy to help. i can send you what you need. I hope this helps

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  6. by   workingmomRN
    585.6 is the code for ESRD stage V, you can use it as well for scheduling procedures such as fistulograms, thrombectomies, that are specific for dialysis pts.
    Blood cultures can also be 136.9 for unspecified infection
    The ICD-9 codes listed by dialec are the ones I use as well
  7. by   nurseman2b
    dialec, I would appreciate if you could forward that spreadsheet to me as well. Thanks.

    My email is mberesla@hotmail.com
  8. by   cmmc
    I would also appreciate a copy of your spreadsheet. thanks mccartyconnie@yahoo.com