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Hello :-) I'm curious to know how to become a Dialysis Nurse as an RN? What are some of the companies out there that train? How's the demand for it? How rewarding is it? Is there traveling involved?... Read More

  1. by   sherryg0
    The question you should ask yourself is: Am I a stickler for detail? If so dialysis is for you, if not maybe not.

    The starting pay in the pool at the hospital is $28 per hour and $30 after you complete your training.
    The hours are Mon-Wed-Fri 6a to 5p.
    Email me privately if you are interested.

    Quote from YOGI_NAMASTE
    I'm in Los Angeles, Ca and have no idea what's the starting pay for a new RN although I currenty work in a hospital. What are the hours usually for MWF? Is dialysis nursing also good for travel nursing? Oh I know I have lots to know yet it's because I'm super interested.
  2. by   curlyfries
    Nephrology has been my area of interest for a long time since I myself am a patient. I had two kidney transplants, first one lasted me 15 years, the second one was recently done last June 2005. Prior to transplant I was on home P.D.

    I am looking forward to be working with renal patients when I get my RN license! But I have couple years before that happens. Meanwhile we can learn from each other, me being a renal patient.