First Stick!

  1. Jnette, I especially wanted to let you know...I got to put 3 pts on today for the first time. The first stick went perfectly...I even put the arterial needle in slightly retrograde d/t an anneurysm. The pt said it didn't hurt a bit. *phew*

    The second stick was good, but she bled a little from the arterial needle at first when I put it in...I guess I wasn't fast enough. Other than that, it was another good stick. (I got to use lidocaine on her...the first pt didn't use any numbing stuff).

    The third wasn't so hot. I tried twice on the arterial needle & couldn't get it in, so my instructor did it. Then I tried twice on the venous, but couldn't get any flashback at all, so my instructor did that one too. I didn't panic, but I figure if I can't get it after 2 tries...I'll hand it off. My instructor told me that that particular pt had a deep fistula and quite a bit of scar tissue built up over it (oh, and it tends to roll too...yippie), so she wasn't surprised I didn't get it. She's going to have me try again on him on Thursday (oh yippie ).

    All in all though, she said I did very well today, so I feel pretty good about it. I imagine I'll become more at ease with it as time & experience goes on. After all, it was just last week that I started taking pts off & pulling needles & was nervous about that seems like old hat!

    Just wanted to share!
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  3. by   jnette
    woooooohoooooooooo !!! :hatparty:

    good for you !!!

    yes, some of these sticks are difficult, no doubt ! and even those of us who have been sticking for years, still run across some which will throw you ! it just takes a few times to get them figured out... how deep/shallow they are, some as you say have scar tissue, or their graft may offer some resistance (and i'm always afraid to push on through) .........

    hey, even our nm doesn't get them all the time !!! :d

    as you get to know your patients, you'll know how each of their sticks go... just takes getting familiar with them.

    sounds like you're just truckin' right along ! great ! proud of you !!!

    i'm studying for our big annual inservice thursday... have to complete a 100 question test... any and everything dialysis... from hemolysis to caths to ultrafltration to air embolism to cathflo to antibiotic locks to.. to.. to... :stone

    shew... i'm half way through and i'm going to bed now ! (been up since 0300 as i had to work this am).

    keep me posted and keep up the good work !!! applause !!!
  4. by   AmyLiz

    I had a successful stick today with that same patient that I had trouble with on Tuesday, so I'm happy. The venous end of his fistula is deeper than the arterial side. I got him first try for his arterial needle, but had to "dig around" a little to find the vessel for the venous...but once I got him, I had it.

    How was the inservice test? I'm sure you did ok. I'm going to be studying tonight for our last module test tomorrow. Then we'll have our last exam on a week from monday. I start full time with my preceptor next week, so it should be interesting!

    Thanks again for your support, jnette! :kiss
  5. by   jnette
    Good job on your stick... it's a challenge, but keeps things intersting. And I've found that most patients really don't mind.

    The inservice was boring.. same ol', same ol'. Turned in all our tests (there were THREE !) But we do them every year with only a few new things added, so we all did just fine.

    I'm excited for you about starting with your preceptor next week ! Don't allow yourself to be tempted to "keep up" with the others... you need to feel COMFORTABLE and not pressured or rushed. Safety first. In time, you will get quicker and more proficient. It really takes a good six mos. to a year to feel fully comfortable and efficient. You'll get there. You have a positive attitude and seem to enjoy what you're doing, and that makes a world of difference !

    Keep up the good work, and I'm all ears !!! (eyes?) heh....
  6. by   Dialyzin' Dar
    Well I finally had 2 good sticks for my treatment today-- didn't feel either one. I was in the "3 Needle Club" THREE TIMES in the past two weeks-- and when the 'offending nurse' came in to stick me again at the next treatment, I said, "Oh, no! Not YOU! I'm going home!" (She knew I was kidding-- she felt worse about giving me 3 needles than I did!)

    I have a 'rolling graft'-- the upper portion of the venous likes to roll, so it has to be held down while the needle goes in. Every once in a while I forget to tell the nurse about it and YOW! The needle goes past the graft.
  7. by   Farkinott
    Gday from the land of Oz!
    Just a small question..................Is a "stick" a cannulation?
  8. by   AmyLiz
    Yep....a "stick" is slang for cannulation.

    Speaking of which, I've started my 12 hour shifts now & am LOVING it.