First RN job: Dialysis Nursing

  1. I am a Filipino Nurse with philippine exp in nursing field and I just got my License last June 25 here in Texas. I applied in different hospitals, LTCs, and home care agencies.
    I had a couple of interviews. In home care, they want to hire me but i have to get a Driver's License. I also had interviews in different hospitals. I turned down the one in Dallas because I'm pretty scared about the GROUP-I thing. Call me a coward but it's just how I am. I also turned down the one in edinburg,tx (renaissance) because my husband wouldn't let me work there since it's near mexico. So I have no choice.

    Yesterday, I went to DA VITA job fair. I was interviewed first by 2 American Nurses, then they sent me to another room with 2 Filipino Nurses... This time they are looking for an experienced dialysis nurse. They turned me down but gave me a piece of paper with the name and number of the charge nurse in one of the DaVita branch 15 mins drive from where I leave. I called the number and she set an interview appointment for me today. I went there and it was a fun conversation. At the end she said, she'll hire me and I have to wait for my offer letter next week.

    I will be on training (18 months, 36 hours per week) My pay rate is the same as the staff nurse they have. She told me, I can apply in different center or hospital if I want, just make sure I wont be late during my duty hours in Da Vita.

    I am new to Dialysis and I've heard horror stories about Davita. Im pretty scared. But I want to take the risk, after all it's the only way to grow and gain experience in our career.

    What can you say about Dialysis Nsg? what about Da Vita?
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    In my opinion I think that you will like dialysis. I know several Filipino nurses in Texas...all experienced dialysis nurses. They work for two different employers in acute dialysis positions either for Fresenius or in the hospital. They seem to have good lives and make a decent living by working 5-6 days a week between both jobs. Working like that is not for everyone but it works for them.
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    I think you will do great! I've worked for Fresenius and if the training is good you will be fine. Always ask questions if you are unsure. The technicians will also teach you alot. I don't know too much about Davita but if they offer you the job get your training and it will open more doors for you.
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    Thank you all for the responses.. I will start next week's Monday. Whew, I am hoping for the best. I hope the patient's tech are not as rude as what other Davita Nurses here posted.