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Hi, We use The Fresenius 2008K machines. Usually we do not, but when would you dump the prime and why, please explain the rationale? Thanks anyone-... Read More

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    You should check the package insert that comes in the box of dialyzers to see manufacturers instructions. I know that the Optiflux dialyzers insert specifies that the prime be dumped prior to HD to prevent 'fibers' from going into pt blood stream.

    That is why we would "pee" the lines of 500 ml of saline immediately before connecting the pt. The prime could either be dumped or given after that. We would also sometimes give a 5% Albumen prime to help with fluid shifting to an unstable pt.
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    Quote from Farkinott
    As I previously said. We always dump the prime.
    Do you ever give Albumen as a prime for unstable pts or pediatric pts?
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    For those of us that work for Fresenius we all know that last year they acquired RCG(Renal Care Group) which were still doing reuse. In the Central Business Unit of the company they were doing pilot studies because we started using the new Optiflux dialyzer that are being kept sterile using a Electron Beam Process and not Renalin. I know that they are working to rid the clinics of Reuse dialyzers and everyone will be using the one-time use dry packs. However you will still be required to "Fresh Fill" the system(100 from arterial and 400 from venous). From the most recent draft copy received 4/1/07.

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