dialysis and lasix???

  1. when a dialysis patient has an episode of acute pulmonary edema and possible pneumonia.vs extreme high bp, irregular heart rhythm(tachy), really low O2sat(~80), tachy resp rate inadequate chest rise and fall. is lasix appropriate treatment when dobutamine is not available? are there is any reasons why lasix should not be given and where do i find this?
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  3. by   km5v6r
    Nope. It probably won't work but it doesn't hurt. Depending on the pt's residual kidney function if you give a high enough dose, I have seen as high as 1 GRAM IVP, you might see some response. As an acute dialysis nurse I always said it gave the staff something to do while waiting for me to get set up.
  4. by   diabo
    Lasix must have [U]some[U]kidney function to do any good. It works by inhibiting sodium reasorption. (kidney function) The drug only works if the excess fluid is eliminated from the body. During dialysis the fluid is only removed from the blood which isn't where Lasix sends it. Also it's not going to move it from the lungs to another part of the body. Hope this helps . Check a PDR.
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  5. by   Farkinott
    There is nothing wrong with trying a bit of Lasix in this situation. To be honest though the dose needs high! Try 500mg-2g!