Dialysis & turn around

  1. So in my clinic, it has been passed along that the regulatory powers that be have made rules regarding turn around between shifts. We generally take a patient off treatment, and while they are holding their sites, we strip the machine, clean it, set it up for the next patient, and have it testing while we finish with that patient, clean the chair and bring the next patient back. New rules say we can't do any of that until the 1st patient has left the floor. So my question is this...how do you do turn around? Do you do a hard stop between shifts (which sounds like it would turn my 15 hour day into something even more nightmarish)? How would you rearrange your schedule to make it work? It seems to me that pushing 2nd and 3rd shift patient times back by 15 minutes would do the trick, but I've only been doing this for about a year and I know there are nuances that i still miss about scheduling. We were asked to brainstorm the best way to accomplish the change, so I am asking all of you guys.

    Ps I don't know much more about the reg outside of what I've stated, I've asked my fa for a copy of it and unsuccessfully poked around the cms website looking for it. If you can give me any insight on it that would be cool too.
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  3. by   Gladimadeit
    We've been working on this as well. One clinic nearby is doing a hard stop and the reviews on how it's working vary widely depending on who you ask. Making two teams and having a hard stop for each team while they take lunch is our best idea so far . Good luck
  4. by   Alex Egan
    1st shift starts 15 min earlier. Third shift starts 15 min later. Now you have the extra time to clear the patent before setting up the machine.
  5. by   wantstobeNP
    Hey there! we haven't started it yet we just sent out notices to patients and ride changes we will start this next week, our FA rearrange the schedule to make it like the short treatments would be first in the morning, a lot of clinics here in CT already started it and states that they are really liking it a lot. we have atleast 45mins apart patients and we also have 3rd shift.