Davita drug testing

  1. Does anyone know if Davita does random drug screenings?? No judgement please. This is not a clinic/ hands on nursing job.
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  3. by   Chisca
    From their website: " All applicants, including rehires or reinstatements, who have received a conditional offer of employment must pass a drug test before they are hired by and/or begin working for Davita."

    DaVita Teammate Policies-Effective October 1, 2013
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  4. by   Dakotamom
    I know that I would be required to pass a pre employment test but I am not sure if they actually perform randoms (without cause). There policy says that they could I am just wondering if they actually do. There is a plant that greatly helps my pms so I don't want to take a job if it will be an issue down the road. Of course this is only used outside of work.
  5. by   FransBevy
    I had recently had surgery before my drug test (2weeks) and in spite of the Tramadol I still passed their drug test
  6. by   madwife2002
    You are only drug tested when you appear intoxicated or under the influence when you are at work
    Most companies reserve the right to test. I have only seen it done once and that was for a teammate who was behaving very strangely on multiple shifts
  7. by   Dakotamom
    Thanks for the info!!
  8. by   DialysisRN12
    Tramadol would not show up in a drug test anyway just FYI. Former UDS collector

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  9. by   NurseSFBsfb
    What kind of drug testing did they perform? Is it a urine test or hair follicle drug test?
  10. by   tectonic6086
    Most companies conduct a pre-employment drug test. After that, it's only upon some large medical error or poor judgement.