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I am a dialysis nurse working in an inpatient, acute care setting. Where I work, the dialysis staff sets up the CRRT (PRISMA), provides teaching to the critical care staff, changes the set-up when... Read More

  1. by   Kathyiwvu
    Who does the CRRT for infants?? Need ideas for training and education --new nephrologist onboard and need immediate training. Don't want to practice --we have the accura machine. Who does the hemo for babies?? Please help

    We do about 1-2 CRRT for every 2 - 3 months. Every time dialysis nurse is present in ICU and take care for machine and CRRT procedure. All others around that patient is ICU nurse job.

    Is it CRRT ICU or dialysis job?....Hm....

    Critical care nursing and dialysis nursing today are highly specialized fields and every improvization is potential risk for patients health/recovery.

    I think that dialysis nurse are expert for CRRT and the best solution for patient who is on CRRT is dialysis nurse. Thay do CRRT, dialysis and other similary procedure every day. Thay have expirience, thay have knowleage.

    ICU staff who is 1:2 even 1:3 ( in my ICU ) cannot take responsibility for patients safety during the CRRT procedure.
  3. by   6eyes
    Dear collegues, does anybody know what is in the effluent? What about virusses, medication or yeast and fungi?
    Kind regards, 6Eyes, The Netherlands
  4. by   zimm4er
    we use the fresinus K machine with a micro chip. We turn the blood flow to 200, and the dialysate flow to 200 also. We run replacemnt fluids of Ns at 200 ml /hour into the art/venous chambers. Nothing to weigh, measure or calibrate. We just use our standard nicarb, adjust the bicarb on the machine to the drs orders. Usually we use a 4k, 2.5 ca bath with 1meq mg. We use this on adults and babies. We get excellent clearance and all the ICU nurses are responsible for are writing numbers down every hour, and changing the replacement bags as needed. They are taught how to troubleshoot some, and return if the system is clotting. We reset up as needed. I really do like this method --it works well for the pt and is low maintance for the Icu nurse,