CDN---certification question:

  1. Hey all. Can anyone tell me where and how they got the dialysis CEUs required for CDN certification? How you do this without spending like 300.00 to get them? Any tips would be so appreciated. I am already studying but the CEU thing has me stumped. So expensive unless there is something I don't see....

    Thank you!
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  3. by   CFrancine

    About $30 for the exam and all the CEUs you need.

    Check with your job (or library if your job has one of those) to see if you can snag a free version of any of the books. I already had a copy of the Review of Hemodialysis book so I did the matching exam. It's a great way to study as well. Even if you have a copy of the new book (red) one, I still recommended doing the older version of the exam (blue book). I'd bet my paycheck the books are nearly identical. And you can only redeem the older version until the end of this year. (I think there is a 5 year time limit). The newer version (red one) came out last year so it'll be good long enough to recertify with.

    I haven't tested yet but I'll update when I do!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Thank you so much CFrancine, and good luck to you. Let me know how you do!
  5. by   CFrancine
    Two months later and I'm back!!! I passed my exam today!!

    It was quite tough yet simple at the same time. I know that might not make sense. A lot of it are things you probably know if you work in the chronic setting and really paid attention during the several hours of training. I work in a hospital based program (but PRN with one of the big two) and I wouldn't have passed that exam to save my life without the studying I did. My primary job offered NO real education, just how to run and machine. What I learned from my PRN job saved my butt (in addition to studying on my own).

    There were questions about appropriate med dosages for things I've never even had to give before but might be common in the chronic setting. I don't do PD at all so I definitely had to study as well. The exam is not very straight forward. No simple matching. You have to really know the facts and understand what is being asked without them directly asking. (For example, it might give you a symptom and ask you what to do next. If you don't know what the diagnosis matching that symptom is, you might not know what to do).

    Also, if you haven't done your CEUs is 100% free. One of our tech used it for her CEUs and she said the material/time needed is reasonable per CEU.
  6. by   Chisca
    I thought the exam was 300 dollars plus the cost of 20 CEU's. If the CEU's are available through I might have to reconsider.
  7. by   CFrancine
    The $30 I was referring to was just for CEUs. I used that before I found out about the Advanced Renal Education site