1. HI,
    This is actually my first post ever! I work on a med/surg unit in a small hospital and we recently had a pt. that required continuous bladder irrigation. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the proper or average amt. of saline that should be flushed through in a 8 hour shift? Thanks:kiss
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  3. by   takararose
    it all depends particularly on the doctor....ours want the urine to be clear....so depending on the patient, i have gone through 9 bags once in an eight hour shift to properly get the pt to be clear, was alot of emptying and hanging and time consuming....ours dont require that much and maybe only 2 or 3 bags is quite the norm
    Depends on the Dr, how clear he wants the return and if your using a 3000 glycine or 3000 NS or even a 1000 cc bags.
    You can go through as many bags as it takes to get it to the desired color its in and out nothing is retained unless theres a clot but you will know the patient will explode.
  5. by   sehbear
    Here in Australia we call it it CBWO - continous bladder washout - and it is confusing when overseas drs come in an order cbi's.
    I agree with zoe and rose... it will depend on the drs orders and also the wards protocol. It will also depend upon the vascularity of the gland or the tumours that has been resected. If the washout keeps blocking off then you have to run it quicker or do a manual washout. And don't be fooled snoopy, if it is running clear it DOES NOT necessarily mean that it going well. Often if you expect it to be bloodstained and it is not, then be concerned about one huge big clot just hanging in there!
    Good luck!
    And I hope you enjoy being part of the Golden Stream Team!