Balance of Electrolytes during Dialysis

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here. I'd like to introduce myself as Nurse from Bangladesh. Now I'm working at JCI accredited hospital ( Apollo hospitals dhaka) In Dialysis unit. I'm having some question in Dialysis. Can anyone help me to know?? My first question is that how to balance electrolytes during Dialysis??
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  3. by   Rocknurse
    During dialysis the treatment involves using an electrolyte bath that is classified by the concentration of potassium and calcium. For example, you can have an order that specifies a 2k/2.5Ca bath. During the treatment if the patient's potassium is higher than the K+ in the bath, the bath will bring it down, and the same with the calcium, although it won't bring the patient's actual K+ down to 2. It just means that a certain amount of electrolytes will be dialyzed out but they won't become hypokalemic. If the patient has a high K+ then a lower K+ bath might be ordered. If they're prone to hypokalemia, or if they have cardiac issues, they might be ordered a higher K+ bath, like a 3k. You'd then check labs again a couple hours after the treatment.
  4. by   Monir Ahmed
    Ok thank you dear. Can I ask another question here??
  5. by   Rocknurse
    You're welcome. Yes, please ask more questions. I will try to answer if I can.
  6. by   Monir Ahmed
    Anyway, if patients sodium levels is 125-130 mmol/l then during dialysis how many sodium need to put on dialysis machine???
  7. by   Chisca
    Whatever bath you choose the sodium level is predetermined by the dialysis machine. 2K bath at my hospital will give you a sodium of 138 and a bicarb of 33. You can adjust these but these are the preset values.