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Hello, Our Long Term Care Facility has two Dialysis patients. I have not had much experience with Dialysis patients and was wondering what is the best way to care for the cath, also what about... Read More

  1. by   Farkinott
    Quote from jnette
    Couldn't agree more.

    We always tape the caps of the cath lumens to ensure they are not accessible, or at least cause one to question whether or not they should be messing with them.

    These caths are also easy to invite sepsis, it is essential that they not be opened or used for anything but dialysis. As it is, the risk is great because we access them 3 times a week. Even with the utmost care, it is always a risk...

    We do our own dressing changes, no need for LTC to worry about them. Main thing to know is keep the cath area clean and dry. (food, crumbs,juice, etc.... watch for these getting near the caths)

    As for fistulas and grafts, just be careful to never use the arm for a BP or allow tight or restrictive clothing/jewelry on that arm. Protect the fistula/graft as it, too is the patient's lifeline.
    I agree that the catheter is the lifeline but does taping the caps/bungs create a greater infection risk (fibrous tape, better surface for bugs)or is this outweighed by the fear of someone else using it for regualr meds etc.?