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I already work full time in a MWF clinic which I LOVE...it is HOME and these folks are my FAMILY....but I can't make it on 30-36 hrs a week so I've been floating to other clinics with the same... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    Thanx for all the input, Babs ! Very interesting, indeed ! Yes, I'd say it's definately worth it, then. Kool. So how does Davita rate with Gabmro, Baxter, FMC, etc. ... just hearsay rating, ie. ? Does Davita have a website?

    Well thanx again for sharing, Babs! Sounds really good to me.
  2. by   babs_rn

    Davita is one of the "top three" in the nation - along with Gambro and Fresenius and is the largest independent dialysis provider. I've spent a day at an anemia management class full of Gambro nurses and learned I wouldn't want to make the switch to Gambro (besides the fact that Gambro offered me more than their other RNs were making and it was STILL a $3.38 / hr pay CUT) - Davita is VERY big on education and on management of DOQI scores for each clinic -that is actually the downside because much of your profit-sharing is based on your clinic's score - and since we're a small clinic our two sickle cell patients and our multiple myeloma patient just kill that for us....nothing we can do about that, though, until the powers-that-be in DOQI land begin to accept that not everybody is going to fit in a nice little shell of numbers....but then, such is life in healthcare today. But there's lots of room for advancement. Of course you have your good clinics and bad clinics as you do with any company, but overall I'm happy with the company and don't want to leave it.