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Diagnoses for DKA patients

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My professors taught the management of DKA patients. I was difficult to prioritized the nursing diagnoses.

Here's my pt : nausea and vomiting with increasing thirsty for 4 days. type1 diabetes with poor dietary control. Fever and productive cough with yellowish sputum

Vital sign: T:38.3C, BP:97/45 mmHg, RR: 35breaths/min(deep rapid breathing)

SpO2 95% on 4/L O2

Lab result: High Glucose and Ketone,

ABG: pH: 7.25 HCO3: 13mmol/L PaCO2: 3.8kPa HCO3:13mmol/L

BE: -4mmol/L

Renal function test: K:3.1mmol/L Cr:49umol/L

Risk for electrolyte imbalances

Ineffective breathing pattern

Unstable blood glucose

Fluid volume deficit

Risk for infection

or another diagnosis.

How to decision the diagnosis are life- threatening?

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What will kill the patient the quickest?

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