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Diabetic Shoes for Nursing?

by tabby_cattt tabby_cattt (New) New

I'm a nursing student and trying to find the best shoes to purchase for the long run. Have heard a lot of positive feedback about Danskos. I noticed they have diabetic shoes. I'm not a diabetic, but would wearing diabetic shoes be more comfortable and healthful being on your feet all the time since they help with circulation?

Gary Mendoza

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Best shoes I've found is Z-Coils. I wore Crocs before my motorcycle accident, but after that everything hurt my feet and legs and I tried lots and lots of different shoes. I finally spent around $300 on some shoe I had never heard of before, Z-Coils, and I haven't looked back. My feet rarely ever hurt anymore, if they do it's just a normal ache from a busy night, but nothing like before. They have a huge spring on the bottoms to absorb the energy from your feet hitting the floors. Worth every penny in my opinion.

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