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Hi, I just got my first full time job in a hospital. I am diabetic and hypoglycemic and I struggle to keep my blood sugar levels stable throughout my 12 hour shift. I can't keep ducking into the break room when I have patients to care for...

Does any one have any suggestions to keep my blood sugar up?

Thanks in advance


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Keep the snacks in your pocket. When you sit down to chart you be shoveling the snacks in. Keep the snacks healthy. Also you didn't say you were on any mess for the diabetes. If you are on insulin or PO meds you may need to adjust those in days you work. Obviously you need to talk with your endocrinologist. If you aren't on meds then I would Definitely talk to the MD as to why your liver isn't kicking in to drive up your blood sugar. We have a type 1 on an insulin pump on our ICU unit. She has ended up in the ER a couple of times. She allows here range to to set higher so she doesn't get to low. Good luck!

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Your employer should be allowing you to do what is needed to maintain your blood sugar.I am diabetic as well and if I need a snack or a drink I go and have it. My patients will not die if I am unavailable for 2 minutes.

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You will need to discuss your hypoglycemia with your primary care provider, as we can't provide medical advice here at AN.com

Best of luck.

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