diabetic nephropathy or autonomic neuropathy


A thirty five year old male has been an insulin-dependent diabetic for five years and now is unable to urinate. Which of the following would you most likely suspect?

A. Atherosclerosis

B. Diabetic nephropathy

C. Autonomic neuropathy

D. Somatic neuropathy

According to this question and answer...which one is true?

My answer is diabetic nephropathy because it is a pathologic change in kidney that reduces kidney function and leads to kidney failure. Then patient unable to urinate.

But the true is autonomic neuropathy. Then i had found that the manifestation of it, is atonic bladder and urinary retention.

so patient also unable to urinate...

According to these answer and rationale..which one is the best answer for question above.??

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What test is this from? CNN?


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i got this question from Nclex practice question online...