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Seriously contemplating diabetes for dummies book! auugghh Why am I so overwhelmed by Diabetes that I am feeling like a dummy? Perhaps because it has been years since taking care of diabetic patients! Thats why. Can someone please point me in the right direction in terms of some literature...the resources out there are actually quite overwhelming. I am very much needing a refresher and I will definitely take a course but at this time none are available until December where (i have checked)I live so not soon enough. The symptoms, the management, the when to give, the when not to give, the emergencies, the "makes MY head spin!".

I do know the why/the patho of the disease...I do get that! yeah!

I know when I start to do it hands on again all will be well but thinking about it without the hands on is making me get the head spins!

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Actually " Diabetes for Dummies " is a very good book!!I don't know if there is a US version but I found it very helpful.


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actually am needing the CDN version. Its good is it? I'll have to take a trip to the book store then.


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It's a good book if you are diabetic not sure as to a nurses point of view.If you're going to the book store maybe better browse it before you buy!!

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There is lots of info online. Be sure to know the different insulins - used to be only Regular and NPH but now there are several and they act from 5 minutes to HOURS. Basal insulin you hold for procedures and others you don't. Stuff like that can get you in trouble.







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