I need information about Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management

  1. I have recently completed my BSN and I have 2 years of RN experience in a county hospital where we have many patients with DM. I'm Latina and I see that the Latino population is suffering the consequences of DM due to lack of education. Because Spanish is my first language, I think that I can be of much help providing education about preventing and managing DM.
    I have been looking for MSN programs on Diabetes education and management, but I only foud one:
    Master of Science (MS) | Diabetes Education and Management | Health & Behavior Studies | Teachers College Columbia University

    If someone is currently enrolled in an MSN program about Diabetes, could please give me someone information about the program?
    Thank you
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  3. by   goober_monger86
    Hello, gracielaleiva.

    I actually just graduated with my MSN in Diabetes Nursing last month. Aside from the school you listed, Capella University is the only other school I'm aware of that offers such a degree. Here is the link to their MSN in Diabetes part of their site: Masters in Diabetes Nursing Degree Online - Capella University
    This is the school I attended. It wasn't super difficult, just a lot of paper writing like pretty much any other MSN program would be. Definitely learn a good bit in the diabetes specialization courses. Also, if finances are a concern (as it was with me), Capella is more affordable than Columbia (i.e. one credit hour of a Columbia course is about the cost of a single Capella course (4 credit hours)). If you have any other questions, let me know.
  4. by   doune
    Goober_monger86, are you working as a diabetes educator now. it is something i have been thinking of for a while.
  5. by   goober_monger86
    doune, I am not. quite a few of us in the program weren't in diabetes education (i.e. in a clinic) during the program. dunno what they're doing now. I'm still working inpatient, but I'm looking for opportunities around where I live. right now, i'm working towards preparing for my CDE as I do a lot of diabetes educating with my inpatients (since the education they receive from our educators is a little....suboptimal). so yes and no, I suppose. I provide diabetes education to my patients in the inpatient setting when able, but not to a degree that that is my official job title/role, though I am looking for it to be soon.