Evaluation of Diabetic Nurse Specialists

  1. Hi! I am a Nurse Researcher in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines. Currently, we have a Diabetic Nurse Core Group and we are required to conduct an appraisal or evaluation on the effectiveness of our core group on patient care and to develop a tool that could evaluate our core group. In our hospital, our DM nurses only do the teaching prior the patient's discharge and we wanted to revolutionize this practice. It would be much of a help if they have started their teaching from admission until discharge and if it has a multi-disciplinary approach. I would want to know how are the diabetic nurse specialists evaluated in your hospital. Do you have a tool? Can you share some resources that could help us to develop a tool. Thanks.

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  3. by   classicdame
    we don't have a tool. However, we expect the nurse to send a consult request. I also check the census every morning to see if there is a possible consult needed. I stay in contact with the Dieticians, WOCN and Case managers to be sure I am getting consults. If not, someone gets reprimanded by their supervisor as our policy is to consult an Educator or document why not.
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    Hi classicdame, thanks. So it is more of a patient referral and constant tracking of your cases. Thanks.