Books/resources for CDE interview?

  1. I have an upcoming interview for a pediatric Certified Diabetes Educator position. Any good book suggestions or other resources I can read up on before the interview? Thanks!
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  3. by   SHGR
    What's your background? Are you currently a peds nurse? What's your experience with T1 and T2DM?
  4. by   EGVnurse
    No, I'm currently an adult med-surg nurse (specialty in post renal transplant) so I care for a lot of individuals with insulin-dependent, steroid-induced diabetes and of course plenty of type 2 diabetes. A few type 1's sprout up here and there. For the past six years I've volunteered at an ADA camp for kids with diabetes. I've also been a type 1 diabetic for nearly a decade.
  5. by   CDEWannaBe
    If you haven't gone to the site look at It's the JDRF website. is great too and will give you a quick overview on what's on parents' minds.

    The best books to get a quick overview are:

    50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life; And the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It by Riva Greenberg
    Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner
    Pumping Insulin by John Walsh
    The Diabetic Athlete's Handbook by Sheri Colberg
    Practical Management Of Type 1 Diabetes by Irl Hirsch and Steve Edelman

    The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes "Pink Panther" book is also good and you can view it online for free at Understanding Diabetes | School of Medicine | University of Colorado Denver

    This post is a couple years old, but brilliantly captures the challenge of helping a teen with type 1. The article and comments are worth reading. Teens with Diabetes: Freedom is Their Secret Drug : DiabetesMine: the all things diabetes blog

    Good luck in your interview. As someone with type 1 you will be able to relate to patients as few medical professionals can.
  6. by   SHGR
    I really like the Diabetes Care articles.
    Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes"2013 is the latest annual update of practice recommendations (Jan 2013). Also, the latest nutrition guidelines just came out online ahead of print. I would familiarize yourself with both of those. Best wishes on your interview. Let us know how it goes.