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Hi, I'm very interested in becoming a diabetic educator and would sure appreciate job leads! I have a previous degree in Nutrition and I have a BSN in nursing. I'm currently working as an RN in the Newborn ICU and am ready to switch it up! I live in Colorado and would in a perfect world like to find a job somewhere in the Denver area! If anyone knows of any job openings I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks!:p


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Perhaps this may be of help:


Eligibility Requirements for Initial Certification

To qualify for the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators, the following requirements must be met:

1. Professional Education

A. An active, unrestricted license from the United States or its territories as a registered nurse, occupational therapist, optometrist, pharmacist, physical therapist, physician (M.D. or D.O.), physician assistant, podiatrist, or registration as a dietitian by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.


B. A minimum of a master's degree, from a United States college or university accredited by a nationally recognized regional accrediting body, in one of the following areas: nutrition, social work, clinical psychology, exercise physiology, health education, or specified areas of study in public health*.

*Advanced degrees in public health must be in an area of concentration specific to health education, health promotion, health and social behavior, or health communications.

2. Professional Practice Experience

After meeting the education requirement and before applying for the Certification Examination, all (A through C) of the following requirements must be met:

A. A minimum of two years (to the day) of professional practice experience in diabetes self-management education in health care settings within the United States or its territories.* Only experience occurring AFTER completing the education requirement may be counted toward this requirement.


B. A minimum of 1,000 hours of diabetes self-management education experience within the past five years.* Work experience is defined as employment in diabetes patient education for compensation.

All experience must be in health care settings within the United States or its territories.


C. Current employment in a primary role as a diabetes educator a minimum of four hours per week, or its equivalent, at the time of application.

* All professional practice experience requirements must be met at the time of application.


To obtain the current official application and Candidate Handbook, contact:

Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc.

ATTN: NCBDE Coordinator

8310 Nieman Road

Lenexa, KS 66214-1579

(913) 541-0400

(913) 541-0156 (fax)

(e-mail) [email protected]

If you need other information about Certification, contact:

National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators

330 East Algonquin Road

Suite 4

Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005

(847) 228-9795

Fax (847) 228-8469


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There's one open here at Univ of OK in Peds Research and they're willing to train you...but it's quite a commute!

(but if any RNs in this area are interested, PM me!)

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