DFW-New Grad RN Residency

by elliepark elliepark (New) New Pre-Student

Looking for NON-BEDSIDE new grad RN residency position in the TX DFW area.

I am currently an ICU patient care tech in Dallas TX. I have 2+ years, full-time experience in this position. I graduate as an RN in December 2021. The unit I work on has probably the best management I'll ever work with; flexible, on the unit, really goes the extra mile to keep employees happy. I already have a RN residency position secured in this ICU. I also have interviewed and been extended an offer for an ICU position at another hospital. However, I am completely burnt out. I hate bedside nursing care. I don't want to do this anymore, not even for the few years of residency. I feel like I'm stuck. I realize there are almost no residencies outside of the hospitals, but I'm at a loss.