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Developmental Psychology: Need help finding an online course!!

I'm currently taking my prerequisites courses in order to hopefully enter a nursing program next year, but the time offered at the local community college for my required Developmental Psychology course time does not work with my schedule so I'm looking for an option online! The tricky part is the course must cover birth to death. There was one online course suggested at University of Idaho as an online course, but it only covers birth to early adulthood. Help!!!!! Is there an online course out there????????

Thank you!!!


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Google search and a little digging is all you need to do.

I searched "developmental psychology birth to death courses". I then clicked on the link for what looked like one of the first reputable schools, which was Arkansas state university. This was the link Psychology Courses | ASU Beebe . On that webpage is info about psy 2533 which appears to meet your needs (you need to fully investigate the course syllabus, etc). There is also a link on the left for schedule of classes. I clicked it, put in online and spring 2017 for the term. It appears they offer psy 2533 online in the spring.

I'm not going to do all the work for you. You can investigate all the schools that come up in the Google search then contact the program you are applying to to make sure they will accept whatever course you decide on. Making sure the course you decide on is accepted is critical and is on you. ​

disclaimer: I've never attended or lived anywhere near Arkansas state University, it was just an example and I can't recommend or not recommend it as I really know nothing about the school.


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