Rome State School

  1. Well Ive contacted every agency I can think of regarding finding my aunt that lived at Rome State School.And I cant find out what happened to her.Yes the historical socities in Herkimer,and Onieda County are great people to talk to.If you want to pass the time of day with.But no one that I can find to talk to.Can tell me where my aunt went from the school.Its like the system swallowed her up.I visited her once in the 1960s.It was a sad memory.She wasnt being treated right.In comparison to todays standard of care.
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  3. by   psalm
    Call your state representative and ask for his/her assistance.
  4. by   just1nce
    thats a good idea!!inever thought of that.thankyou!
  5. by   psalm
    Be polite but persistant. The Freedom of Information Act may help you get the info going. Have you tried calling the state agency in Albany? I don't live in NY anymore, haven't for almost 40 years but you should be able to get thru somewhere at the capital.

    I had 2 brothers who lived there in the 50s to 1972. They then got transferred to facility closer to home...then to group homes.

    Let us know what you find. Hugs.
  6. by   just1nce
    I will let you all know what they say.Polite and persistant,got it (((((((((((
  7. by   NursingMamma25

    Hopefully I can be of some assistance. I work at Broome Developemental Center and when we opened in the 70's, we received a lot of people from the Rome state school If you would like to PM me and give me some of her information, I can try and search her out for you. I will do what I can.. maybe you can get some answers?
  8. by   just1nce
    I found a phone number that we can find out about the people that stayed at the school.Im calling this number and see what happens.PM me for the number. Education Archives.
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  9. by   just1nce
    I contacted the number.That agency states if you email them the persons name,dates they stayed at Rome State School(approx years).They will reply of who to contact for the peticular info that is needed
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