Prenatal testing and Down Syndrome

  1. I hope this works... sometimes I post links to the NY Times and the article opens with no trouble and other times it tells people they have to register for a free trial first... here goes...
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    Okay, it looks like it will open without registering. This article is especially timely for me because for a class assignment, I spent a day recently with an 11 year old girl who has Down Syndrome and her mother. Her mother has a very strong faith based belief against abortion under any circumstances, so even though she had her daughter when she was well into her 40s, she opted against amnio. She talked at some length about how it pains her that parents make the decision to abort based on prenatal dx. I also work with some women who have children with Down Syndrome and every once in a while a parent who is thinking about aborting will call them, obstensibly for their perspective, but in their opinion, in reality looking for affirmation of their decision to abort. Which, if they're reading these people correctly, is a monstrous task with which to charge someone... convince me that it's okay to abort? No, thank you, and this is coming from a very strong proponent of the right to choose. I want you to have the right to make your choice, thank you. Don't try sucking me in!
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    Mercy - I completely understand the woman in her 40's viewpoint . . . . I was preggers with my son at 42. The doc and genetic counselor were very firm about testing - and I unfortunately did the whole shebang.

    After the blood tests, I got a call at work saying the test came back positive for Down's. However, the only positive marker was MY AGE. Nothing in the blood at all. Which I didn't realize until later . . .

    I had a diagnostic sono - no signs of Down's. I had amnio. No Down's.

    Looking back I wish I had not done any of it. My husband and I wouldn't have aborted anyway.

    My life is colored by the presence of many adults with this condition. I've written about them before. They live at the Mountain Jewels Ranch nearby and come to our church. One in particular, Rusty, sits by me regularly and puts his head on my shoulder or stands with me singing loudly and out of tune.

    My life would be less if they were not in my life.