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  1. Hi. I an an RN who works with adults with developmental disabilities. I have worked in this field for almost 3 years. I absolutely love my work and I never want to do anything else. It will be nice to visit with other nurses who work in this field. It seems to me that the way we work can be varied from what I have read in your forum. I work for a nonprofit company. We have 4 group homes. Our nursing can involve training, administering meds, assessments and some of our clients are medically fragile.
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  3. by   Markthemalenurse
    Hello Mickey, it's great to find someone else who works in this field. The agency that I work for has 17 group homes and 6 ATFs. I have worked in this field for over ten years total and out of those ten years three of them as a nurse.
  4. by   DDRN4me
    Hi Mark and Mickey;

    I am currently the Health Services Coordinator for a non profit agency that has 16 group homes, 75 individuals who live independantly with support and another 20 in foster homes. a fun and challenging job, to say the least! what state are you in ? I am in Mass
  5. by   Markthemalenurse
    DDRN, I am from pennsylvania
  6. by   afrn
    I have worked with MR/DD population for over 5 years. Just started working for NY State. There is never a morning that at least one of my consumers does not have me smiling or laughing within a few minutes of seeing them.