Ensure/ Boost/ Nutritional Supplements

  1. I work in a day program for I/DD adults. I am the only nurse on site and did not receive any formal training for my job- I just have been figuring it out as I go. I have updated the med logs based off the logs from last year, using the same format as was used in the past. Now my question- should there be a med log form kept for Ensure/ Boost/ other similar oral supplements? There was not one when I started for any of those clients, and the Nurse did not administer them. It was all done by the personal care staff. But what I am finding out is that there were times when the home staff did not send in the supplement, in one case for several weeks. After I was notified of this, I contacted the supervisor at the home and we were provided with the Ensure. So now I'm thinking there should have been nursing records about this, since it is doctor ordered. What do you do? I plan to start today with logging it, just to be sure. Thanks for any insight you all have.
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  3. by   truern
    Jenn, when I worked on tele Ensure/Boost/etc was on the MAR and had to be checked off at each meal same as any other MD-order.

    Not sure how truthful us RNs were, though. We very seldom picked up trays and usually had no *real* knowledge of them being consumed.
  4. by   jenn_nurse
    Thanks. I think I need to start that here.