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I am a single mom of 3 trying to get back in school. I know that is the only way for me to provide a better life ofr myself and my kids.

The hard part is that the schools in my area only offer financial aid. I feel that I would need a loan and scholorships to help cover my bills for the 11mths while I am in school.

I have been putting it off every year for the past 6 years and I feel that it is time.. But the problem is that there is alot of studying in 11 mths and I am scared that if I decide to move to go to school where I cam get move help I will struggle academically. I need some help....

I want to move but the cost of living is so high. I know I would qualify for the max in financial aid but...... Can anyone give me some advice before I make a decision that I may regret in the long run..

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the first thing you should do is go on the website of your state department of education and look for any information about adult education programs and assistance. if you can't find anything, get a number, call them and ask if they can give you any information of any programs operating in your state. the next calls i would make would be to every hospital in the area and ask for the nurse recruiters. ask if the hospital has any assistance programs for people who want to be nurses. if the recruiter can't help you, ask who in the hospital would have this information. be prepared to learn that they are more likely to pay for someone to become an rn rather than an lpn because that is what their need is for. nursing homes might be more agreeable to funding the education of an lpn. the other two organizations i would check out for help are the american nurses association and the american hospital association. in all cases, if you get anyone on the phone and they can't help you, ask if they know who can. there may be welfare programs you can get into as well. there was one person in my nursing class years ago who was getting welfare and food stamps while in nursing school.

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