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Help!!! I need to find out where I can get info on Inservices. I am a school nurse at a boarding school for high risk kids (drugs/alcohol) and I need to do 6 inservices for the rest of the school staff this year! Can anyone out there help me?!! ( FYI- we have 2 diabetic kids on campus)



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You can get 3 out of the way easily. We are required to do "Bloodborne Pathogens", "Heimleich", and "Lyme Disease" with our staff. Those are pretty straight forward. You can order a video for the BBPathogens (20 min) that is appropriate for school staff. Heimliech is a 10 minute quickie. Lyme disease is just doing a little research. Ask the principal about topics or poll the staff on what they would like to know about. Good Luck!


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deffinately cpr and heimlich update

infection control: handling bloody noses/cuts etc

some ideas for you:

early identification and intervention for adolescent alcohol use

update on drug use in teens--info from partnership for a drug free america

helping children cope with stress

helping the student with diabetes succeed

eating disorders in teens and pre-teens

helping traumatized children a brief overview for caregivers

helping children who are being teased and bullied

children, adolescents and hiv/aids

american academy of pediatrics identifying and treating eating disorders ...

flu ( preventing spead of viruses in your facility)

teen health issues + suicide in teens (several articles)

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