Desperate for some advice- Will an MN degree help me with NMC?

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Hi! My situation is similar to all of you looking to move to the UK and work as a nurse. The hangup is, as with everyone else, the educational requirements. My situation is a little bit different though. I'm looking for advice on where to go from here.

- I have two bachelor degrees: a BA in public health and a BS in biology.

- Next, I completed an two year ADN program and earned my RN license.

- I'm currently an RN working as a circulator in an orthopedic OR. I'm still a new nurse with only about eight months of experience so far.

- My boyfriend is from England and wants us to move there eventually. We would most likely get married before moving.

So, my current dilemma is that even though I have two bachelor degrees and an RN license, I don't have the educational background that the NMC is looking for. I am considering a Masters in Nursing program. The University of Washington accepts people with RN licenses and bachelors degrees in fields other than nursing. The program is 2-3 years, depending on specialty. So far, the MN program seems like my best bet overall because it doesn't involve retracing my steps, but I have no idea if the NMC would accept this.

I'm not considering any RN-to-BSN programs as these forums strongly suggest that the NMC will not approve those students.

Does anyone have any advice regarding a masters degree and the NMC? I'm so frustrated that I didn't go the 'traditional route' through school, but as many of you know, life isn't always that simple. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I think really only the NMC can say whether they accept MN but a lot I think will depend on what your transcripts show. My suggestion is contact the NMC and speak to them. Like the UK to US you are required to meet similar training when going US to UK

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They don't accept BSNs earned online, but traditional classroom based RN-BSN is different, from what I've read. You need to contact the NMC and ask for a decision officer (the first line of people on the phone don't have much clue about special situations other than what they can read off their script) and ask him your situation.

Also, UK immigration laws have recently changed and he needs to be making 18,600 pounds a year, more if you have kids, no co-sponsors allowed and your potential income doesn't count. This may change (as it's being challenged in the courts right now), but keep that in mind for the future. If you move him over to the US, you need to be making 125% of the US poverty line, which you'll easily do as a nurse.

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