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Hello...I am interested in knowing if anyone on this forum has been to Derby Hospital? My dream is to move to Broom and work in Derby. Just thought I'd ask...


gwenith, BSN, RN

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I haven't been to WA Helix but do not give up hope in getting an answer!!

In the meantime Welcime to the board!!!!


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Thank you, gwenith!! I can't get over how fabulous it is. There is a wealth of information, and the break room is a lot of fun. I could "avoid housework" the rest of my life, haha!



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Have a look at this website for info on hospitals in the Kimberley region.

Kimberley Health Service

Hoping to holiday there myself some time soon.

PS Derby is 206km from Broome...could be a long commute:eek: and the highway may not be passable in the wet season.


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Thank you so much, Sandgroper! Would the airport in Broome service to Derby...I have looked at their website, but not sure how efficient or costly this would end up being. If you do holiday there, please let me know what you thought. Thanks again!!


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Hi Helix, I worked at Derby Hospital for a couple of years, some time ago. It was at that time a small regional Hospital. I do not think it would be faesible for you to live in brrome and work in derby ......295 kms apart.

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