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Does anyone else have this problem? We deliver the care and the Sheriff's department takes the credit for it. The nurses are either not mentioned at all or mentioned as playing a very minor role. We had an incident where the nurses did a great thing, did all the work. The deputies slammed us and spread rumors that we weren't even present (we were there, we did everything). Then they get a huge glowing write up about what a wonderful job they did. Sure, they mentioned the an extremely minor role, like handing the deputy a piece of equipment. It is a slap in the face. They stole our glory, something we should have received a reward for. (There were no cameras present to record the incident.)

This has happened several times over the years. Our supervisors do nothing about it.


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Sorry this is happening to you. When a code 3-medical goes down I also am required to write an IR noting times and aid rendered. This gets turned in to the shift commander along with the IR's the co's write. Is this an option for you? I am extremely lucky where I work, we work as a team. I am the only medical person when I work. There is policy in place which covers everybodies role in an emergency. My sense is they are relieved to turn it over to me.

I am also wondering if it is because they are sheriffs...I work with correctional officers who are trained as such. Perhaps sheriffs are a bit of a different breed. They sound like young power tripping toughs. Your supervisors should be supporting you. I am sorry you have to work in such an environment.


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No, we don't write those types of reports. But, since they did this, I have written a statement that we are going to give to our supervisor.

And yes, your description of the Sheriffs is accurate. I think the academy does something to them, lol!

When I said our supervisors do nothing about it, I actually meant they can't do anything about it. It's their word against ours.

We know what we did, they are not trained medically. We did so much more than they even realize because we were also assessing and checking for things they wouldn't even think about. This was not your expected medical aid with CPR and the AED, it was very unusual. It may only happen to correctional nurses once in a lifetime.

If something had gone wrong, they would be saying we did everything. But since it all went well, with a good outcome, apparently they did it. Oh brother! It makes me sick. Mean rumors and outright lies.

Nothing for us. No pat on the back, nothing.

Thanks for your reply. =)

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