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I have been a nurse for 20 years and have dealt with depression and anxiety through it all, even before that. But it has gotten worse over the years and I can't handle it anymore! I have either been let go or been forced to resign because of either absenteeism or knowledge that I have a mental illness. I have had 7-10 jobs in the last 7 years; yeah, BAD!!! I just accepted a job because I had to, not because I wanted it. I hated it from day one. I can no longer handle all the people, personalities and bad attitudes. And I know that my patients can see my sadness although I do everything I can to hide it. When it comes to work, I'm almost agoraphobic.

Does anyone know of some resources I may tap into for work from home jobs? I have explored transcription and telehealth and most case manager and UR jobs are in house.

Any other suggestions? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE?

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I'm so sorry. I know what it feels like to be in that terrible pit of saddness and losing hope. I don't know what to suggest, I know some insurance co. will let you work from home certifying pt's for hospitalization and continuing hosp. I hope you take some time for you and get medication if you need it, counseling etc.

we need to start an on line support group. I get the isolation thing too. You know what, I think my patients really didn't mind when I was hurting, they knew they weren't alone in their feelings. I also had a lot of empathy for their pain and was alert to their you were too. PM me if you need a kind word to get thru the day.


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I know your question was regarding jobs from home, but, before that, you must address the mental health issues first. I also know what it is like to be stuck in seemingly endless darkness and despair. I've been there more times than I care to admit. I know you are not seeking medical or legal advice and I'm not qualified to give either. I am just expressing my opinion to you based on my own experiences.

Your priority is YOU right now. If you have not already, you must get a counselor/social worker. Call or go to your county's mental health services. From there, you will be able to begin to explore your options for employment, but first you first must address your depression/anxiety. I have been to the point where I could not even pick up the phone to ask for help. Keep asking for help from professionals. Sometimes you have to ask several of them for help.

You already know you need it and you are entitled to receive it!!!

Help is there. Keep asking for it until you get it!

Please PM if you want to. I get where you are coming from. I really do.

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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time . I have a suggestion that I've used in the past- it can't hurt:) and it really helped me a lot. It might sound rather stupid- and it's not meant to at all- I swear, this turned things around for me during a very dark time.

It's a gratitude journal. It in NO way minimizes any pain, anxiety, or depression. It can just help with perspective,and sometimes that can be enough to tolerate just a little bit more :). Every night (or whatever works for you- but consistency helps), I would write down 5 things I was thankful for- and they had to be different every first ones were pretty lame- my socks matched, the milk in the frig didn't stink, etc. That moved into being thankful I had feet, legs, a sidewalk to walk on, electricity, a home, carpet that looked ok, etc.... they don't have to be major- just something that sort of 'jars' the brain from the lousy stuff :)

I swear it made a difference- and like I said, it won't hurt :) Nothing is too little to "count". Eventually, I added a second journal to keep track of things I saw on the news, and made an effort to think about/pray (if you're comfortable with that) for those folks. That also helped reset my thinking, which helped how I felt. JME :)

This could help with job stability- and that will open more options for you :) Best wishes !