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I'm so upset.I took the Sociology Clep in Jan. and made a 49 with passing being 50.I studied The College Network book and there was numerous things on the test not covered in the book. Of course I now can't retake it until the end of July.I went today and took the Biology Clep and made 45 with 50 being passing. I studied an offical CLEP study guide and made 2 A's and a B on them. Well the exam was nothing like this book made it to be and the book was no help.Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm questioning if I should continue or not.Also if I do I have Microbiolgy, A&P, and Life Span Developmental Psychology left.Which one is the easiest to pass so I can rebuild my confidence? Can I take Human Growth and Development CLEP in the place of Life Span Develop. or is the it harder?

Up2nogood RN, RN

Specializes in pulm/cardiology pcu, surgical onc.

I know what you mean about TCN and sociology module. There were some things not covered in their study guide that was on the test. But it's possible that those questions weren't scored. I'm sorry that you've hit a roadblock of sorts but don't let it get you down, everyone learns differently and self-guided study can be more difficult than traditional class!

Personally, I wouldn't have been able to Clep the sciences and pass. I took all my science pre-req's at a CC and found even that to be overwhelming with all the information to absorb. I'm glad I did take A&P traditionally b/c there's many physiological concepts that were hard for me to grasp w/out some guidance and these are things that I have found to be essential for a nurse to know. Good luck to you with whatever route you choose and don't give up if this is really what you want :nurse:

Thank you and no I'm for sure not giving up yet. I'm thinking of doing Life Span Developmental Psychology next. Which test do you recommend (CLEP or Excellsior version)? I have TCN book but what other study material do you recommend?Thanks

Up2nogood RN, RN

Specializes in pulm/cardiology pcu, surgical onc.

I've never taken an Excellsior test so I wouldn't be able to give advice on that. I think a CLEP is cheaper and if I remember correctly lifespan psych has a lot to do about theorists and all their wonderful theories. I took it as an independent study class and it seemed pretty straight forward. I have to take info literacy which I'll do thru EC since it seems easier that way and clep bioethics. If anyone out there has clepped bioethics- what did you use to study for it?

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