Deperately need anyone's HELP !!!!!!!!


I need to start working as soon as possible. I am going thru a divorce and my daughther will be going to college next year. My husband practically abandond us. He left us after 18years of marriage for a 23 yr. Anyway, I want to go into nursing. I am currently a license aesthetician but without having a large client base, it is very hard. My question is, if I go thru a vocational school for LVN, how much longer with it take to finish RN at a traditional school? Ultimately I was to become an RN, but I am considering going thru the LVN program first because I could be working in about 13 months. My husband has told us he will not be helping out with any expenses when my daughter going to college, so all the support we will be recieving is revenue from a business he and I have together until it is sold. And after that, its whatever alimony I am entitled too. So Anyone out there, have any advice..... PLEASE!!!1


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Call the schools themselves directly and talk to them. Call the admissions offices of the schools in your area and speak to the admissions counselors, get catalogs and applications, all that stuff. Ask if there is a waitlist. Most CA schools, probably including LVN schools, have waitlists. Do you have the necessary prereqs? Take a deep breath and do your homework before thinking you can just walk into a nursing program. It's not that easy. There are other things you can do to support yourself in the meantime. Good luck.


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Go to a social worker and find out if there are any special programs where you can get assistance for anything at all. Also ask at all the colleges and private schools that you inquire at if they have any programs for women in your predicament. When I was attending a community college for prerequisites for nursing school, I got out of paying most of my tuition because I qualified as a displaced homemaker. That is what you are becoming, a displaced homemaker. I don't know if all colleges have that program, or if it is even still in existence. I did this back in the early 90's. Just go around and ask at all the places you can think of. Look for scholarships and loans and grants. Church groups, civic groups, the financial aid offices of the schools you plan to apply to, go online and look up financial aid and scholarships. There are websites that give this info (but beware, because some of these are scams). Also ask at the Employment Development Dept. Sometimes they know about special programs or work study programs. Get fast training as a CNA. You can get a decent job as a CNA in a hospital that might get you through it and perhaps the hospital will pay your way. As for RN or LVN. Go with what you can get. The waiting lists for RN programs are tremendous. LVN programs can be completed faster and you can enter the workforce and pay your way through the RN program. But that wouldn't be necessary if you can land some good scholarships. Good luck with your hard road ahead. Remember you can always come to this site to vent or ask for further advice.

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