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DePaul Direct Entry MSN


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Has anyone explored the Direct Entry MSN at DePaul?

It states one year biology and 1 year organic and inorganic chemistry.

Is this two semesters of each? Total of 4 classes to equal a year.

Any insight would be helpful on the program would be helpful.

Thanks :)

livingthedream, APN

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I am in the program now. They state 1 year chem and 1 year bio, but prefer A&P for the bio and org and inorg for the chem. Although I did not do the chem that way and got in fine. Yes, 4 total science classes and that is all you need. Good Luck!! I think next entry group is for Sept. 08

mvanz9999, RN

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I was accepted, but am going elsewhere.

I would call the school and ask specifically, because the admissions requirements are poorly written. I had 1 year of inorganic chemistry and 1 year of organic chemistry. The requirements actually state one year of chemistry (organic and inorganic). I have no idea what that means. Maybe its one semester of each......

livingthedream, APN

Specializes in Burns, ICU.

I was told one semester of each, that is what I had and that is what got me in. I don't disagree, it was a little complex figuring out what each school wanted - so calling is best.

I do really like the program. And wish you luck where you got in for 2008.


Specializes in NICU PEDS. Has 4 years experience.

Thanks everyone for your insight. It really helps.

Now to register for the classes I need :)

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