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I'm thinking of moving to Denver, I've been an LPN for 20 years and now I was just licensed as an RN in Janruary of this year.

I wonder if anyone would recommend a hospital that has a preceptorship program for new grads. I've always worked in psych, long term care and the last 7 years in a medium security prison.

I'm not sure where to search, so any info would be much appreciated.




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Where are you currently now?

I used to live in Denver. I worked at 3 hospitals there. St.Anthony Central, Lutheran Medical Center, and St. Anthony North. I went to Nursing school in Westminister (ADN).

You could check each hospital for openings (there are many more hospitals in Denver), submit an application, and and someone will contact you. At that time, you could ask about a preceptorship program.

Hope this helps.

I'm presently in the state of Washington.

Did you like working at St. Anthonys??

What other hospitals would you recommend?

Have you ever known anyone to work for the prison systems?

I think I would like to live in the Capitol Hill District.

Any info would be helpful....




Specializes in OB, Telephone Triage, Chart Review/Code.

I lived in the suburbs. I liked both hospitals. But I did clinicals in most of the other hospitals. I liked them all, too. Fitzsimmons Army Hospital is old but I still enjoyed training there. University is a teaching facility, so you could get good experience there.

No, I don't know anyone who worked for the prison system.

Capitol Hill is a very busy city location. I believe Denver General takes care of that area. It is very busy there.

There are lots to choose from. Check each one out to see what fits for you. Good luck.

I can't really help you with hospitals, as I'm not even a real student yet (still working on my pre-reqs), but I do live in Denver. I love it here, so if you have any other types of questions, please feel free to ask.


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