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Denver School of Nursing

Hello I decided to start a thread for all those pre nursing students who are interested in knowing more about the process of admissions at DSN. I just finished my first quarter and it was challenging but amazing!! I learned a million things and every day I love nursing and school more and more. I applied to DSN for the BSN 2014 April start. I was extremely scared to be denied because as you all well know by now, getting accepted to nursing school is easier said than done, so I waited until the last days to send in my application. Around 6 weeks after my application was sent in (around the month of November), I received an e-mail congratulating me and stating that I had been accepted for continuing the application process. My GPA was a 3.0 and all my pre reqs had been done at Metro. After sending in all my official transcripts along with all the other info that they asked for, I set up an interview with them for the month of February. After the interview I set up a time and date were I could take the HESI entrance exam. My Hesi exam was set up for 3 weeks after my interview, during this time I bought the hesi prep book and crammed as much studying as I could. The cut off score for the hesi is a 78%, I ended up with a 93%. The entrance HESI itself is not hard at all in reality it is fairly simple. After passing the HESI I signed papers of enrollment and was given multiple handbooks along with information about tuition.

DSN is great and I truly love my school. Just like anything else it has its flaws (its expensive, parking sucks, schedules blow, etc) BUT the professors are AMAZING and so are the students. It takes ALOT OF HARD WORK to do well in nursing school but it is doable as long as you are dedicated and love what you want to be :)

Good luck to every pre nursing student out there, I have been in your shoes and it is hard but trust me it is worth it! So never never give up :)

Thank you for posting this! I start at DSN on MONDAY! AH! I've heard so many great things about this school, I'm so happy to be going there. However, I'm very nervous to take Patho, do you have any study tips?

Patho is very intense but totally doable!! My advice would be record the lectures if you can, study the notes, do the online and workbook activities. You'll be fine:) if you have any questions feel free to send me a message!!

I am taking my pre-reqs at metro as well and have only 2 left and then I'll start applying to nursing school. I currently work as a Cna at the university hospital and I'm curious if I'll be able to continue working throughout nursing school? Glad you liked it there, I'm highly considering it there since metros program only accepts 25 per year.


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