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Could you please tell me where I should take the pathophysiology class, for the DSoN ADN program? Iam enrolled for April 2009. Which other classes would I be able to take online, to make the course load lighter?



I was registered for patho through Arapahoe Community College this semester. I was taking it online. I know we're not supposed to post names here, but I hope initials are okay...ANY class in the ACC biology department that has T.H. connected with it needs to be avoided, IMO. I took my first semester of A & P under him, and am still amazed I managed to pull a B. I took my second semester of A & P under another instructor and while I didn't breeze through it, it was infinitely easier and I got an A. The patho class I was registered for has T.H. listed as the "instructor" but had another person basically faciliating the class. NIGHTMARE. Seriously. Trust me. If it's through ACC and it has T.H. attached to it in anyway, run like the wind.

I was not going to get out of the class with anything better than a B, and it was looking like I wasn't even going to be able to do that well, so I withdrew. I lost my tuition money and a semester's worth of time, but at least salvaged my GPA.

A good friend took patho through and did very well with it. Again, not easy, but doable.

Good luck!


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Thanks so much for the reply!! I really appreciate it! I was also wondering.....has anyone heard of Canyon College in California? It is an online school, with open enrollment. They have a Certificate in Correctional Nursing program, which seems very interesting and also affordable AND you don't have to be nurse or in nursing program to take it. It just seems like it would be a good class to take if you are interested in a nursing career. They also offer a 4 credit Pathophysiology course,and i am wondering if those credits would transfer to DSoN.


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