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Denied from ELMSN programs :/


Hello all. I am looking to get some perspective on some things regarding my applications to ELMSN programs. I want to know if I will be wasting my time applying the second time around or what I should do to improve my application. I'll lay it out:

I applied to PLU, SFSU(adult CNS), Georgetown and Elmhurst. I actually applied to Depaul and Rush as well but those didn't go through because of pre-reqs not being completed. My situation is somewaht unique I think because my grades drastically improved once I got myself into recovery and got healthy. So my first 100 units GPA is somewhere around a 2.0 but my last 60 is hovering around a 3.5. All of this was in my personal statement.

However, the nursingCAS webiste did not honor my academic renewal at certain colleges. If your not familiar, academic renewal is a tool where you can whipe Ds and Fs off your transcripts as if they didn't exist. Too bad they did exist so my NursingCAS overall GPA was a 2.7 instead of the "university calcaulated" GPA of 3.02. Here are some of my grades:

Biology and Anatomy: A

Physiology(taken a while ago): C

Stats: A-


Chemistry: A-

Abnormal pysch: A

Spanish III: A

Alot of Bs mixed in there but only one C in the last 100 units or so.

GRE...verbal: 155, math 151, writing 4.5

I have clinical experience in PT, voluntered in ICU and I currently work in a large hospital in food service where I observe nurses all the time. I'm engadged on my campus and community, esepcially in Alcoholic's Anonymous where I help a lot of people. Again, all in my personal statement, laid out nicely I beleive.

I was denied from PLU and Georgetown. I landed 26th on the waiting list at SFSU where they admitted 16 students out of 115. My plan was to get my Master's, explore the field, and then decide on post Master's certificate or DNP programs.

I want to practise medicine and work in the medical field, what should I do?

Go for second bachelors, get RN license and shoot for NP school?

Take some refresher GPA boosters and reapply?

Get more experience and go for PA school?

Try again for SFSU, maybe in a different area like public health to be more competitive?

ANY, I mean, ANY insight is appreciated. Thank you all :)))


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I applied to some of the same schools as you (in Illinois) this cycle. Did you ever hear back from Elmhurst? The one thing I really liked about this program is the fact that they seemed to look at the applicant as a whole, not just GPA.

From what I remember of Depaul, they will still consider you if you are enrolled in or plan to enroll in your remaining prerequisite class. They also have winter cohorts, so it may be worth registering for OChem and reapplying for this winter. Also, I would consider applying to the Rosalind campus because the Lincoln Park campus filled up much faster, so it might be a bit more competitive.

It's possible to take more GPA boosting classes, but some schools look exclusively at the GPA of your undergraduate degree. If I were you, I'd probably focus on taking the prerequisite courses needed to apply to more programs. Also, I'd look into other programs and apply to as many as I could. I've heard Milkin has a good program that looks at the applicant holistically. In addition, your GRE scores are average (a little below in the quantitative), so that could be a relatively easy and inexpensive area to improve upon.

From what I've heard, PA school is very competitive, so it may be more difficult to get it.

You were waitlisted, which is still a good thing! I wouldn't give up just yet. Take more classes that will open more doors for you and apply to more programs. Also, getting more patient experience would be a good thing as well. You could take a CNA class or look at volunteer opportunities. I know there is a program in Illinois that looks for volunteers to sit with hospice patients.

I'm new to this whole process myself, so take my advice with a grain of salt! Good luck! I hope you get in somewhere :)

Thanks, I'm still weighing my options and considering what I should do. I have an application to Roseman University 2nd bachelors program still pending and I"m waiting to hear back from Elmhurst about receiving an interview. I also might apply to the school I'm at now for their 2nd bachelors program. My stats meet their requirements and oddly enough, they don't require a personal statement or letter of rec, making the process simplier and maybe better. My girlfriend got in there with average stats and very low TEAS score.

Plus, I hear a lot of bad stuff about these entry programs. Either way, you gotta get your feet wet as a RN, I'm not sure how much of a difference a BSN and entry MSN would be. Plus, I have a feeling the ABSN courses will be easier to get As in compared to some of the classes I've taken in kinesiology(my major) and pre-reqs. Since my ultimage goal is practise, it might be better to do ABSN. Depaul has moved my application to the winter cohort and SFSU just opened a winter cohort too. Maybe they'll get less applications, who knows? I work in a huge hospital now and will be looking to transfer jobs from food service into PT aide or NCA(food server).

I've been looking at genetic counesling too as a fall back...maybe do that and apply for PA school. I don't know much about that career though.

Thank you for your insight MME.