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Demands from inmates

Correctional   (3,441 Views 15 Comments)
by GrannyLpn2005 GrannyLpn2005 (New Member) New Member

GrannyLpn2005 works as a Correctional Nurse.

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You are reading page 2 of Demands from inmates. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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"There is nothing on the pass-on log, and nothing on the MAR, and you don't know if they are telling you the truth or not! Do you take their B/P, or not? You tell me!"

'Technically' speaking, if it's not documented it didn't happen.

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2003rn has 4 years experience and works as a Staff nurse.

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I work at a women's max. security prison. The only thing going on at pill call is passing meds. If the med nurse thinks the I/M really needs medical attention, the I/M is sent to the medical unit. We always have 2 nurses on duty, the LPN usually passes meds and the RN stays on the medical unit. We usually have patients in the infirmary and we cannot leave our post...unless there is a major emergency.

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aust. correct rn has 15 years experience and works as a RN.

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be consistant, if you do for one then you will have line of inmates asking you for thing and the demands will get harder and more complicated. I have worked in corrections for fifteen years and I treat all the inmates the same from min to max security.:yeah:

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