Deliverly of cultural sensitive nursing care to women and families of various culture

Specialties Ob/Gyn


I am interested in discussing issues of cultureal differences that may arise between the medical staff, particularly nurses and families of various cultural backgrounds. An example of this might be a case of a women who may be from a middle eastern country of muslim faith, presented to L&D ready to have a baby, whose personal OBGYN(a woman) is on vacation, and the Dr. on call for the weekend is a male, which presents a problem for the patient and her family.

It is important to be culturally sensitive it is also important to deliver a healthy baby. The family should be made aware of the prediciment and given legal options. The family could go elsewhere if they choose or if the hospital has a female nurse midwife and it is an uncomplcated pregnancy maybe there would be an alternative plan for delivery. the nurse does most of the work in delivering baby in an uncomplicated pregnancy anyway. the doc comes in at the end for the actual event, maybe the woman and her family could work out a alternatives with the OB oncall with this in mind.

I am muslim and I delivered my first son with an ob (female). I got to the hospital 9 cm dilated and by time I was in the room I was pushing. Of course, my ob had not yet arrived so we accepted the male ob on call. The rules according to Islam are that a female is preferred, but if there is no alternative, you can have a male doctor. Many times I think Muslim families just want their caregivers to understand that they really do want a female, because if it is not emphasized, some people will not understand the importance. It always helps to be aware of cultural and religious customs that can affect a couples decision-making, but if you show them that you are understanding and supportive, I'm sure that you will find a solution that they can feel comfortable with.

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