Nurses Safety


Hi, just wondering if any of you out there would have ideas as to where else I could find info. on the issue of "dehumanization of patients"...also can be referred to as "unethical care", "discrimination or degradation", or "depersonalization". If you can think of other ways to phrase this, by all means, let me know!!

Basically, it involves immoral or unethical treatment of patients i.e. discrimination due to race, religion, SES, or lack of health insurance; or also, referring to patients by their condition and/or room # rather than by name (such as "the CHF in 202").

This is for an Issues paper for next week. I want to be able to distinguish among who this is more common and why. I've been able to retrieve some articles, but I would like a little more. I would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions...Thanx!!


You might be able to find some information at

Here is a link to a section for human rights with alot of different links:

Hope that helps you :)


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