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I have to design a policy for our A + E department on cardiac defribrillation and would appreciate any help available. The policy has to cover patients with pacemakers insitu as well.




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Every ER has their own policy regarding who is permitted to defibrillate pts, but I know of no set "policy" regarding defibrillation. Everyone just follows ACLS guidelines using increased power with consecutive shocks, etc. What exactly are you looking to do? First, find out what your institutions policy is. What about the Paramedic units that serve your hospital? Do you follow American Heart ACLS guidelines? Or is there a different equivalent in Austrailia? Good luck


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Sorry I read this so late I imagnine your policy is already made. However I would like to reply incase anyone else in a similiar situation should come upon this problem. Their is no doubt in my mind that the American Heart Assosciations ACLS protocol is the best in the world. I am suprised that no policy currently exists at your institution. While thinking of policy on Defib and Pacing you must include its event sequence with ACLS drugs and BCLS. As well one must question now whether a automatic or manual defib is being used and whom is its operator. With all this in mind you should be able to conform the standing AHA ACLS protocol into your system

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