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Hi All,

I am Australian nurse looking at how one might go about gaining registration in Canada. The various provincial nursing board websites are well laid out and easy to understand. (I particularly like the Ontario board's website and it's step-by-step guide! So simple and easy to follow!)

However. Each province requires one to have completed an 'acceptable' nursing program - however I cannot find the definition of 'acceptable'. Can anyone point me toward the where I might be able to find this? (It could easily be on the board websites and I just haven't been able to find it!) Or do you need to submit your transcripts to the board with course descriptors to be individually determined?

Just for reference, I have completed an Australian Bachelor of Nursing at an Australian university recognised for it's nursing and midwifery teaching. Do Australians tend to get registered in Canada quite easily (though I know the process of getting registered anywhere overseas is tedious!)

Thanks :)

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You would likely have to apply and have your education assessed by the college.

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