Declaratory order with newly sealed offense


When I was 15, I regretfully made the mistake of pulling a prank on a classmate of mine by putting strawberry syrup on her car. This classmate later pressed charges against me and the other girl involved. In the moment, I had no idea that the potential repercussions for something that was intended to be a silly little prank could compound into something much larger. I was charged with Felony Criminal Mischief for $1500 to $2000 worth of damage done to property. After all of this, I was never convicted of the charge and my family and I all were under the impression that this case had been sealed, leading me to not disclose this information to the Board of Nursing. After receiving the letter instructing me to petition for declaratory order, we contacted our attorney so we could swiftly bring this to a conclusion. He was informed by the courthouse that the case was diverted and never filed, but they left some of it as what they call a Supervisory Caution, them of the child's activities, or simply warning the child about his or her activities, and I was never charged with anything. We have now gone through with officially sealing the record for which I attached the signed order for with my declaratory order.

My question is what are anyones thoughts for how fast this will get approved and the chances for this getting sent to enforcement...? What are some examples of cases people have had that got passed by operations and not sent to enforcement? Im hoping to find ANYONE who has gone through with sealing their charges after the nursing board sent for DO but then sent back their newly signed and sealed documents and if they got sent to enforcement or not. Ive searched everything on the web and cant find anything. I'm so stressed I need this by jan. 15th and its all I can think about.


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So just for anyone like me who searched everywhere and couldn't find answers I'm updating this in case anyone comes along with the same situation as me. I sent in my declaratory order and I called and they started the view process for my case on November 28th 2017. I had been charged (never convicted and filed as a Supervisory Caution) with a criminal mischief felony charge when I was 14/15 for putting syrup on someones car and they chose to press charges against me and my friend who did it. I got my lawyer to seal it and then I sent in my sealed documents with a letter of explanation. I called the BON at the end of the 30 days and they had told me that on the 22nd of December they had sent out my approval letter and by the 1st of January it was in my mailbox! Even though I have a clear background check I still did not receive a blue card, but instead a letter telling me I just have to submit something 90 days before I take the NCLEX. Hope that helps anyone in a similar situation!