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NEED ADVICE! I already got accepted into the ADN program. I submitted a declaratory order for an arrest that is on my record, no conviction, never went to court and DA sent letter that charges were not going to be pursued. I called the BON and they said that my application went into review on the 31st of July. How long does this process take? they told me 45 days but i start on August 27 and need the ok to take the nclex by august 20 :( any one else going through or been through the same situation?

I needed a declatory order b/c I got arrested during nursing took me like 3 weeks...I was just a month out from graduation so I was worried that I was not going to be able to take NCLEX with the rest of my peers...they approved me to take NCLEX with zero stipulations on my license (it was my firstDWI) and I am now working as an RN for close to 2 months! They say up to 45 days but those are actual days, not business so it is likely you will hear something the BON every couple of days b/c it will show up that you are clear before you receive a letter stating that you are clear..goodluck!

Thank u :) I feel better now. I hope they give Me the ok soon!

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hope it all works out for you.

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